School Bus Rentals

School buses evoke memories of a simpler time.
Renting a school bus though? Not as simple as it should be.The hassle of contacting different suppliers, figuring out quotes, it can be a giant pain.
With Central Transportation, we have 20 years of experience to answer all your questions, and a quote tool powered by to get you quotes in less than 2 minutes.
Maybe renting a school bus can be as simple as the memories of the school bus rides past.

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Better for the Earth

If everyone in a 50 person group took a car instead of a bus, the cars would be enough to fill three city blocks.
Pretty sizeable carbon footprint, huh?
Chartering a school bus not only makes it easier for your group by having fewer cars on the road, and gets everyone there at the same time, but also makes your trip that much greener!

The Affordable Way to Travel

Large events are hard to plan. What will they eat? Where will they sit? What will they do?
And then, you get to the question – how much will it cost?
Renting a school bus is an affordable way to transport a large group, with average quotes for 6 hour rentals coming in below $650.
With Central Transportation, your wallet has one less thing to worry about.

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As a driver-managed company, we understand how important your events are, and the vital role we play in making sure they go off without a hitch.

Our Fleet of School Buses

Our fleet consists of two models of buses, both fully equipped with industry-standard safety features to make sure you and your guests not only arrive safely, but comfortably too.

IC Bus CE Series School Buses and Freightliner FS-76 School Buses
  • The 2018 Bus CE Series - Image Courtesy of IC Bus


With large, bench seating, our buses have a capacity of 47 adults or 70 children, making sure everyone gets there safely.

Leave No Student Behind Alarm

As a safety precaution our buses are fitted with alarms on the back door to make sure everyone who gets on the bus, gets off the bus.

Storage Bins

From event signage to backpacks, there is room for small, carry-on luggage in our storage bins, making sure your guests can bring what they need.

Industry Leading Safety Features

With 16-gauge steel sides, integrated chassis and a 100% steel cage body, we will make sure your passengers get there safely and on schedule.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a School Bus In Toronto?


It depends! Since each charter bus trip is so unique, prices can vary!
On average, a school bus in Toronto can cost between $325 to $650 depending on your trip.

There are several factors that can impact how much your school bus trip will cost.

Drive Time

Like any other service, how long you plan on using the bus will impact your price. Whether it’s a long-distance route, or multiple stops for a shuttle service, the amount of time you need the bus and the driver to be on the road will impact your quote.

Trip Distance

Distance will impact your price for the same reason it would in a taxi. The further you go, the longer it takes and the more gas is required. Can’t forget the return trip, unless you only want a one-way!

Idle Time

Even if you have a short trip, and not a lot of time driving, the longer you need the bus on site, the more your trip will cost.
This is because the driver is still required to be on-site with the bus, and the bus can’t be rented out for other events during this time.